Food, Fun, and Yummyshapes

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NaomiHi everyone, and welcome to the first ever YummyShapes blog post!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Naomi Tripi, and I am a mother, a child care expert, and a blogger. I have a successful baby tips blog, and I have worked with children and families for over twenty years. I am not an official representative of YummyShapes, but I believe in what YummyShapes is all about, and while talking to the founder, Leanne Lauder, I found a familiar passion for improving the parenting experience. We decided that it would be fun for me to write about our mutual passion and share it with all of you, and thus was born the YummyShapes blog!

In this post, I want to just talk a little about how I view YummyShapes, and why I think what they are all about is so important.

Firstly, I think it is wonderful that this company is being built carefully, from the ground up, by really listening to what parents need in order to help provide their kids with the best nutrition possible. There is so much focus on chasing the almighty dollar in this world, and while finances are undoubtedly important, YummyShapes has prioritized real relationships with real families in order to create the best tools available to make eating together a fun and nutritious experience.

Secondly, everything we do as parents starts with the way we nurture our little ones. Every morning, we are responsible for making sure our kids get fed. Nothing comes before the health and safety of our children. This essential connection is where YummyShapes is stepping up to lend support. No matter what your children eat, whether they are picky eaters (like my seven year old boy) or voracious omnivores (like my lucky friend’s toddler), there are ways to bring a healthful fun into this basic part of our relationships with them.

And lastly, if there’s one thing that is essential for me when deciding to become a part of a new project, it is the element of FUN! I always laugh a great deal while talking to the folks at YummyShapes, and sharing that laughter with as many people as I can just makes my day that much more wonderful. Laughter, is not only a medicine in my opinion, it is also an amazing multi-vitamin. One that is best taken daily and in large doses.

So, welcome to the new YummyShapes Blog. Brace yourself for fun, a lighthearted perspective on nutritional trends, wisdom, and innovations. Parenting is a lot of work, and the folks at YummyShapes are passionate about making it easier for us. Simple fun, & effective nutrition tips, tricks, recipes, stories, and more are coming soon, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Food, fun, and YummyShapes.

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