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Play With Your Food!

Although from all outward appearances I might seem to be a pretty average mom-type, I must confess to viewing myself as a bit of a rebel. No, I don’t wear spikes or ride a harley, but I do encourage a scandalously lax attitude at the dinner table. I mean, my son does know how to […]

The Picky Eater’s Choice

Since my son was born, he has been a stubborn, opinionated little stinker. I love him to death, but my goodness can that kid be difficult to convince. Generally I am happy that he is so firm in his perspective, but when it comes to trying new foods… not so much. Many kids, even if […]

Family Gardening Made Easy

Having a family garden is one of those things that makes so much sense, it is hard to understand why so many of us don’t ever get around to growing one. I mean, really. Free food? Connecting work ethic to earned reward? Completely organic, and extremely fresh produce? The benefits are very compelling! But many […]

That’s How Mom Did It

“If you don’t finish your dinner, you won’t have any dessert.” As I said the words, I could practically hear my own mother, and her mother before her, saying that exact same phrase. My son threw his head back in a dramatic show of protest against my rigid and crazy rules. I sighed. I remember […]

Is Broccoli Really Necessary?

If you could eliminate one thing from the planet, what would it be? I would probably get rid of something like cruelty, war, or mosquitoes. My son would get rid of broccoli. End of list. You have to wonder, why is it that the foods that are healthy for us are ones that many people, […]

Food, Fun, and Yummyshapes

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first ever YummyShapes blog post! Let me introduce myself. My name is Naomi Tripi, and I am a mother, a child care expert, and a blogger. I have a successful baby tips blog, and I have worked with children and families for over twenty years. I am not an […]